Just​-​B​-​C​.​A​.​U​.​S. Maxi Single (2002)

by SNO. (Struggle's Never Over)

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I found this awhile back and had been meaning to load it up. After it was brought up today, I figured no need to put it off anymore. This is the first CD I was ever apart of. When I first started rapping back in the 90s under the name Playa Snow (I had all the bitches. LOL.), before the world even knew who Eminem was, I got with a local label called Just-B-C.A.U.S. I formed a group with a few of my homies and we went by "The Untouchables". I truly believe if we would've knew then what we know now, we'd all be millionaires today. The music we made was ahead of it's time, and there was so much talent that we were constantly pushing each other to improve. Although I may not talk to a few people from the click anymore, I wouldn't change those days for anything. I would've never really became an emcee without the time I spent as a young'n. Time passes, days change, years go by, but it will always be #justbCAUS. I figured I'd share some history with y'all. Enjoy.


released March 1, 2002

Tony Tone, Drey-Ski, Nero, Aunie, Bugsy, Ron Dill, T.Redd, Dryff, Big B, Lil Earl, Twan, C-Dogg, Noid, Chron, Vincent Edwards, Assension, Lil Brittany, & SNO.



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SNO. (Struggle's Never Over)

Affiliated: theSENSE
SNO. has been around music his entire life. He started spitting in '98 with a group called "The Untouchables". The group split in '03, yet he continued on as a solo artist. He's released 3 CDs, 5 Mixtapes, & plenty of quality material. He does music for all the people out there that have been treated as a lesser individual, and has been called a "Voice for the Voiceless". ... more

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